3 Reason You Must Drink Loose Leaf Tea After Yoga (And Where Can You Get One From)

Yoga instructors and practitioners have been combining yoga and loose leaf tea for quite a numbers of years. There are many individual benefits of both yoga and drinking loose leaf tea, but there are some unique benefits when you combine them together.

Let’s see some of the key benefits and powerful reasons to drink loose leaf tea after yoga. 

loose leaf tea

1. Drinking loose leaf tea after yoga improves your circulation process.

Yoga improves flexibility, strength, breath control, posture, and most importantly reduces stress. In short, yoga gets your blood flowing but in a more relaxed healthy way.

On the other hand, loose leaf tea is rich in antioxidants. Therefore, when tea drank after yoga helps better spread the antioxidants throughout your body. This smart and healthy approach will ultimately improve your circulation process and invigorate your entire body overall.

2. Post yoga drink – tea gives you a peaceful Transition.

Yoga gives you relaxation. To take a full advantage of post yoga, the best practice is to brew and drink loose leaf tea before you jump into your daily life.

Drinking tea after yoga works as a bridge to give you a peaceful transition to your daily life after your relaxing yoga session.

3. Drinking loose leaf tea after yoga relieves stress.

Both yoga and tea helps to relieve stress. When they are combined together, the rate gets doubled. So whatever stress has been mounted in your body before yoga session, most of it should have been flushed out after the yoga session. The remainder is flushed out by beautiful loose leaf tea if drank after the yoga session. 

Tea works as a stress reliever booster, tea contains caffeine but more subtle form, unlike coffee that makes you hype. This caffeine within the loose leaf tea gives a boost to stress relieving process that has been started by a yoga session.

Health Benefits from both yoga and tea.

Clearly, there are numerous health benefits of yoga and tea. If yoga and tea are put in practice in your daily regime, then through yoga you can benefit from improved flexibility, strength, breath control, reduction in stress and posture.

While through tea you can benefit from increased antioxidants in body, reducing inflammation, increasing immunity and boosting metabolism that helps you burn fat.