Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much is delivery?

The delivery charge depends on the plan you choose. With our ‘Peace’ plan you get a free delivery within the UK. With our ‘Starter’ and ‘Positive’ plan, you will only pay £2.50 on top of your monthly subscription cost.

Currently we deliver to UK customers only. If you are outside of the UK and want to join the club, enter into our waiting list and you’ll be first to be notified on international delivery.

When will I get my tea?

Our tea club has three key dates.

  • Join us between 1st and 10th and you will get your box of tea on or around the 15th of the same month.
  • Join us between 11th and 20th and you will get your box on or around the 25th of the same month.
  • Join us between 20th and 31st and you will receive your box on or around the 5th of the following month.

Your future recurring payment and delivery date will get locked based on above.

What exactly do I get each month?

You will get a tea box that fits through your letterbox filled with different types of beautiful tea blends selected by our tea experts specially for you. Every month our tea experts carefully pick new flavours for you so you brew different flavour tea blends every month. Quantity of tea depends on the plan you select. See our awesome tea plans here.

How much tea will I get?

Quantity of tea depends on the plan you select.

Starter plan: 2 resealable tea bags

Brews 15 – 16 cups 

Positive plan: 3 resealable tea bags

Brews 20 – 22 cups

Peace plan: 4 resealable tea bags

Brews 30 – 32 cups

Do I get to pick the teas I receive?

You don’t get to pick the tea you receive. This is because the whole idea is built around that feeling of excitement on what’s in the box. Most importantly, it is to introduce new flavour tea blends for you to try.

Can I cancel, skip or freeze my monthly tea subscription box?

Of course, you can cancel, skip or freeze your tea box subscription. You can do so just by emailing us at

Difference between Nature Tea box and supermarket tea?

Big difference! Supermarket brands usually offer a low quality tea grades also called fanings or dust. If you are lucky enough to find a loose tea, it would have passed through a long supply chain and then been left to sit on the shelf for a long time. At the end all you get is persuading marketing message for desired fresh and beautiful loose tea.

All our loose tea is hand picked and sourced ethically. We cut down the long supply chain, unlike supermarkets, to ensure a high level of freshness. 

All our loose tea blends are made using ethical ingredients, tried and tested by our tea experts before it comes to your monthly tea box

When will I get billed?

When you make your first purchase, your card will be charged immediately for that particular month subscription tea box (amount charged based on plan selected).

For monthly recurring payments, your card gets charged on the same date as of your first purchase date. Payment will appear as Nature Tea Box. To know about your delivery date, check – When will I get my tea section in FAQ?

I am allergic to certain ingredients

All our tea bags within the tea box are clearly labelled showing ingredients used however, it may contain traces of nuts and other allergens.

Will I need an infuser?

It is definitely beneficial to have one but not mandatory. Our loose tea leaves will fall to the bottom of the tea cup once they have infused the water, so not to worry. In case you do decide to use one, you can always purchase it from us.

Calm your mind and body

Beautiful tea in a monthly tea subscription box.